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Voice imaging for radio
Your message matters

Whether you're in a highly competitive top-10 market or a tiny dot on the map that Arbitron doesn't survey, you need your station's imaging message to cut through the clutter. The choice you make in selecting a voice to represent your station's on-air image is an important one. The person behind that voice will become a key player on your station's team.

Randy Brown has not only been the "station voice" on more successful radio stations than he can count, he also served as program director at winning major market radio stations for over three decades. So not only does he deliver a memorable sound, he brings more than just a voice talent's temperament to the job of voice imaging. He's fought the same competitive battle for listeners' ears you're fighting right now.

Experience a whole new kind of relationship with your station imaging voice. No more page counts. No monthly allotment of pages your voice talent will read before they start whining about how you've gone over your monthly quota. Say goodbye to voice talents who have a temperamental attitude, and say hello to a voice talent who's a problem solver, not a problem child. And get your voice tracks back in a hurry, so your producer can do their magic...on deadline.

With a a big-market sound and customer service second-to-none, it's no wonder more and more radio stations are turning to Randy Brown for their voice imaging.


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